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Forex Alarm Wakeup

26.38 usd

Powerfull Forex Alarm Application for Android! (Yes this one does wake you up with a loud alarm)Setup alarms so the phone can notify you that a price hits. A Forex Alarm app that would fit all the needs a trader requires.
Technicals:* Build for Android armv7 & x86 (processors) ! * Using Crosswalk for the runtime ! * keeps running in the background ! * Pushnotifications for alarms to wake you up ! !
The app:* Realtime prices of the Forex Rates* Alarms to wake you up* Choose own interval refresh rate of prices* All Forex rates * Including Bitcoin (BTC) * Metals like Gold: XAU & Silver: XAG
You can change from Realtime to another interval (refresh) of the prices.Why did I made this feature?
To save you data and battery.If you are a long term trader, you might be fine with a 1 or 15 minutes refresh !
If you have any ideas that you would like.. mail me!